This Week Music! (by) What The Prog?!

🔸 Hey, there! What The Proggers! What’s that..? If we got any specials here tonight you and the fellas might be interested in..? Sure we have some of that! Today on This Week Music! (by What The Prog?!, who else?) we’re guesting music from Body Hound, Stratospheerius and Magenta. Enjoy and Go Prog Yourselves!

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Body Hound – “No Moon

Body Hound will not only be welcomed as new favourites to the experimental community, but they’ll be worshipped as pioneers for years to come.” []

🔸 They describe themselves as an “Overly-Zealous Band That Has Big Stupid Ideas” and they play an insane brand of music like there’s No Moon! I think Body Hound should appeal lots to fans of Haken, Leprous, and the like, but also to King Crimson fans of “Red”. Debut album “No Moon” is up for grabs below.

🔸 Body Hound is an Instrumental Progressive Rock outfit from South Yorkshire, made up of people who’ve been in bands before, influenced by Meshuggah, Yes, Igor Stravinsky, Mew and numerous others.

Stratospheerius – “Impostor!

“A frenzied mélange of progressive rock, jazz fusion, and funkabilly, lead by electric violin virtuoso, Joe Deninzon.” [Stratospheerius]

🔸 Electric violinist/vocalist Joe Deninzon (who has been called The Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin) and his fellas in Stratospheerius are getting ready a new album for next Dec. 11. On this new album Stratospheerius are joined by keysman Bill Hubauer (The Neal Morse Band) and singer/guitarist Randy McStine. Get a taste below.

🔸 New York-based Stratospheerius live performances are filled with funky dance grooves, rip-roaring guitar/violin jams, and hooks that mix jazz, funk, rock with Gypsy influences. Stratospheerius was a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition, and was named “Best Jam Band” in the Musician’s Atlas Independent Music Awards.

Magenta – “Live At Acapela

Award winning Welsh Progressive rock band Magenta are back with their annual acoustic gig at Acapela Studio! Expect the Unexpected! [Acapela Studio]

🔸 Welsh progsters Magenta are releasing on Nov. 4, “Live At Acapela 2016 & 2017”, a 2 DVD/2 CD package featuring Magenta’s two live semi-acoustic performances in 2016 and 2017 at Acapela Studios (Wales), where they played songs from every Magenta album and some tracks from their solo projects.

🔸 Magenta members were joined on stage by oboist Karla Powell and cellist Emma Bryden, who played along with Steff Rhys Williams, Pete Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Camel), Angharad Brinn and Nigel Hopkins.


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