Lunear – “Curve.Axis.Symmetry” (Album Review)


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Behind this intriguing three-word album title, reminiscent of that well-known three-way formula that Steven Wilson used in «Hand.Cannot.Erase,» hides a three-party pop-rock progressive French band called Lunear

🔸 But the best is yet to come and their relationship (or should we say ‘love’) with the No. 3 goes a little bit further. Lunear’s title is truly an album homage, though not to Steven Wilson’s but to Genesis’ «Calling All Stations» and Marillion’s «Clutching At Straws». What’s that..? Yeah, man, and the acronym of all three is CAS!

🔸 Drummer Sebastien «Bad Jokes and Pizza» Bournier and keys man / singer Paul J. «San Pellegrino» No’s story goes twenty years back but it’s been only in the last few years, after guesting on each other’s albums, that they thought it would be a good idea writing some stuff together.

But the couple knew they needed another partner to be «a perfect pair» so they got on board Sebastien’s old pal Jean-Philippe «Coffe Lover» Benadjer to play guitars and do the artwork for this new project. The perfect pair was then on business and Lunear was born.

🔸 After debuting in 2018 with «Many Miles Away», Paul got restless and wanted a second album to follow quick, but Sebastien, the band’s lyricist, got nothing: no music, no lyrics, no nothing

And then he came up with this idea, something that’s been on his mind for years. A story of someone who couldn’t die, no matter what. At first, the prospects of living an eternal life seemed like a blessing, but it wasn’t. Nothing lasts forever. What would happen when the Earth was ended?

Lunear – “Curve.Axis.Symmetry” (Album Review)

— Before the Fall —

1. Lemniscate / First Death

«Lemniscate was the first piece of music we wrote for the album and it really kickstarted the whole thing» [Seb]

🔸 Opening fire is this playful, dark-tone dual song. Reminds me like mixing Phil Collins‘ era Genesis with Steven Wilson. When Paul’s voice joins in, the whole thing gets substance and texture, in a progressive pop way. It all sounds truly elegant and smart pop, with that quality some Brit bands had back in the 80s, like Echo and the Bunnymen. It ends with a beautiful piano chord progression. Fantastic piece. Love it.

2. Same Player. Shoot Again.

«It’s very difficult to make an ‘easy song’ sound not too common and it’s even more difficult to keep it simple» [JP]

🔸 The chosen single is more a straight pop-rock piece. Chorus are catchy and there’s a genuine rock vibe all along the way. A good song.

3. Nothing Left to Do / A Passage of Time

«I tried to capture a Fleetwood Mac / Dire Straits vibe. I heard the guitar lines in my mind before I even played it» [Paul]

🔸 A bright, sunny, lively track, with a beautiful melodic foundation and great for a single. So good that been written by someone else (say, Sting or some other mainstrean pop star), it would have been a total charts killer for sure. But hey, this is not your regular pop track cause 4 minutes into the thing, a Steve Hackett-like guitar starts playing at «A Passage of Time» and everything changes.

4. The Rise and Fall of Earth

«This song has a strong Prince style, which is no surprise, as JP is a great Prince fan» [Paul]

🔸 This one starts slowly and mysterious with some programming drums and finger-snapping with a detective story vibe all over it. But when real drums kick in, is when everything gets down to business. Paul sings really like a Prince of sorts but the whole package sounds to me more like Tear For Fears. The final minutes are just awesome.

— After the Fall —

5. Earth’s Population: 1 / Earth’s End

«Such power! A perfect introduction for the second side of the record!» [Seb]

🔸 Here we are moving on a different territory. A surprising, powerful, guitar-driven intro gets the ball rolling. This two-part song moves on a power pop foundation, with symphonic rock touches. The whole thing reminds me of Asia, John Wetton’s era. There’s a strong, synth/guitar-driven AOR vibe all over it. The second part, «Earth’s End», is moody, more Steve Hackett-like. A very beautiful composition that sounds a lot like late 70s Genesis. One of my fave moments in the album. Together, this two are a real kick-ass pair!

6. Adrift

«What I love about Lunear is that I wouldn’t be able to write this kind of songs alone» [Paul]

🔸 A brief acoustic guitar introduces this great piece with a strong 70s Bowie feeling. This is love at first sight folks! A tremendous track with Paul singing like a real Bowie lookalike. Superb song with no flaws. A total killer and best piece in the lot. Hats in the air and lots of clapping!

7. From Its Sky

«This song and Nothing Left to Do are related and this is the big Sister» [Seb]

🔸 This track starts quietly, with voice and piano, ballad-like, and keeps moving forward growing in intensity. A very beautiful song with a lot of feeling and emotion. Then a Gilmour-like guitar joins the party and feeling goes thru the roof! A moody and sad grand fiinale. Just my type!

8. Forever / First Death (Epilogue)

«When I listen back to the guitar part, I cannot help thinking about ‘Pigs on the Wings’ from Pink Floyd» [Paul]

🔸 The intro already hooks me up. We’re at the end of this concept journey thru this brilliant sophomore album from Lunear. And it’s just sad that this wonderful musical trip is ending so quickly. Time flies, folks, when you’re enjoying the ride! And boy the track to put an end to this show couldn’t be better. A moody, mid-tempo two-sides piece, played straightly from the heart, as should always be. Looking forward to your next work, guys!

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